Wedding and Event Videography in San Diego


Why should we add Video when we have a Photographer?

Nothing tells a story like a movie. Your day will pass in a blur of passion, speeches, toasts, vows; the relatives and friends you had but a minute to speak with, the interactions you missed while you were swept away in the moment. We will capture those special moments and the beauty of your wedding day, for you to see and share with your family for years down the road.

Will we be able to hear the vows?

Absolutely. In addition to the on-camera ambient mikes, I use the best, professional wireless microphone systems (less expensive systems often have problems with interference or intermittent loss of the sound signal). This insures that we clearly hear every word spoken.

Do you use bright lights?

No bright lights! It is very important for video personnel to be as invisible as possible. To accomplish this, I avoid using distracting lights by using professional, broadcast quality cameras which are very sensitive and need less light to produce a great picture.

How is the finished video edited?

The finished video is edited with smooth transitional dissolves between shots. No page turns, spinning cubes, or animated wedding bells. This is an elegant, documentary style video with a little slow motion and music in the opening video montage and "Highlights" section of the "Classic" package.

How much time do you spend with us?

During the planning stage I meet with you as often as needed to complete any planning or pre-event video. On the big day, I can be there from beginning to end.

When do you arrive on the wedding day?

For the "Documentary" package, the time is up to you. For all other packages, I like to arrive 90 minutes before the ceremony so the video will include the bride and groom getting ready, parts of the photo sessions, and shots of the ceremony area for use in the opening video montage.

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